Design blogs and websites

here Are my favouite designers, web sites that I am addicted to;

1.  Baker Furniture

Baker refers to a lot of designers my favorite is Barbara barry

  • A BLog form a great designer Barbara-Barry-on-around-beauty, her book
  • “In her first book, “Barbara Barry: Around Beauty”, Barry explores her design philosophy, meditating on the transformative power of beauty. Through a discussion of her principles of good design—simplicity, proportion, and harmony—we discover how to apply these principles to our rooms and to our lives.Through page after page of gorgeous, subtle, feminine interiors, Barry explains her design process and shares thought-provoking stories. She discusses what inspires her, from the quality of light to the colors of nature, and illustrates how she utilizes nature in decoration. From the simple strength of a white plate to the sensual elegance of a well-made bed, Barry explains why a gracious life, a well-ordered life, a life around beauty is the only one worth living.” copied
  • Some of the Quotes:
  • “When we observe beauty, when we really stop and take it in, I believe it has the ability to transform our lives.
    Beauty can transform the way you see the ordinary.
    Beauty can restore our faith in the mystery of our universe.”
  • “Every day that you can live around beauty is a good one.”

2. Also a great  Furniture designer, Roche Bobois

3. also a good design blog designquarters

4. A designer’s blog based in London, specialized in workplace design, sustainability, and environmental psychology, workplaceunlimited

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