It has always been my dream to create spaces that inspire and put its users in a different mood, I never thought It is possible to do this through color
 In 2014 I was lucky to know about the first master in Color Design & Technology in Milano, Itlay,  and to apply and be accepted.
 I finished my study and returned to my home country Egypt
 my posts are an attempt to open eyes to color design, what does it mean and what are the benefits behind it
 So stay tuned 🙂

Color in interior design

so during my study of color through last year

we were asked to choose a brand and design a temporary store with a limited budget, choose its location, analyse the brand their use of color and apply their dominant colors on their interiors or suggest the addition of some new colors to their brand

Me and my great classmate Tanja J Polegubić went for the french designer furniture company Roche Bobois; we studied the company’s history, analysed their brand, their use of color in their stores, and made our temporary store.

we were inspired in our temporary store design by the brand history, which was founded in 1950 in the Alexandre Dumas built ‘Theatre Historique’, and focusing on some of their most famous design, going through several attempts, reminding ourselves always that less is more, we decided to build a theatrical stage for displaying our furniture pieces.

theses are some of the slides of the presentation of our project


The Flowers Lady

The  Flowers Crown

The Flowers Crown,

Do you ever see faces and objects out of trees

Original picture

The Original Flower Lady

Photo by yahya ElHosafy

look at the trees in the background, Do you see this lady in the background?, wearing flowers allover her head and face,

How do you think our eyes interpret images,and  colors?

Do we see by our eyes, Do you know that we actually see with our brain



Architecture and Color

Singapore School of Design

School of the arst singapore

School of the arts Singapore, stairs











Urban Spaces and color

“Or Copenhagen’s Skuperkilen neighborhood, where in a decidedly urban and straight-forwardly artificial way the designers and planners at Topotek1, Bjarke Ingels Group and Superflex invaded the entire available space to create a delightful expression of the various cultures and backgrounds represented by the area’s residents. Superkilen received the Institute Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Design by the National AIA Awards 2013”,text and images Copied from thecoolhunter

nl nl1(1)


Design blogs and websites

here Are my favouite designers, web sites that I am addicted to;

1.  Baker Furniture

Baker refers to a lot of designers my favorite is Barbara barry

  • A BLog form a great designer Barbara-Barry-on-around-beauty, her book
  • “In her first book, “Barbara Barry: Around Beauty”, Barry explores her design philosophy, meditating on the transformative power of beauty. Through a discussion of her principles of good design—simplicity, proportion, and harmony—we discover how to apply these principles to our rooms and to our lives.Through page after page of gorgeous, subtle, feminine interiors, Barry explains her design process and shares thought-provoking stories. She discusses what inspires her, from the quality of light to the colors of nature, and illustrates how she utilizes nature in decoration. From the simple strength of a white plate to the sensual elegance of a well-made bed, Barry explains why a gracious life, a well-ordered life, a life around beauty is the only one worth living.” copied
  • Some of the Quotes:
  • “When we observe beauty, when we really stop and take it in, I believe it has the ability to transform our lives.
    Beauty can transform the way you see the ordinary.
    Beauty can restore our faith in the mystery of our universe.”
  • “Every day that you can live around beauty is a good one.”

2. Also a great  Furniture designer, Roche Bobois

3. also a good design blog designquarters

4. A designer’s blog based in London, specialized in workplace design, sustainability, and environmental psychology, workplaceunlimited